Poor pump reliability is a huge problem in all industries.  There are many reasons why pumps fail early.  The root cause of a failure may come from; the system design, the piping set-up, the pump selection, the installation, the operation, the mechanical construction or from previous maintenance.

Pumps are not rocket science, but there is a lot to learn and many things that have to be done correctly if we want reliable equipment.

Unfortunately people tend to cut corners and believe that ‘near enough is good enough’. Near enough is not good enough when it comes to pumps.  There are many things to do correctly and it only takes one thing to be done poorly and you will have an early failure.

Practical Training Courses Tailored to Generate Immediate Benefits

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Did you know that you usually spend more money on electricity (or diesel) in one year than you spent buying the pump?  

Assuming a cost of electricity of 20 cents/kW.hr, one pump drawing 10 kW costs $17,520 per year in electricity.  For many industries that’s a very small pump.  A pump drawing 500 kW will cost $876,000 in electricity in one year.

Many organisations do not track these costs and make the mistake of spending far more money on power than they really need to.  Often a minor tweak to the system design could reduce these costs considerably, as would better pump selection and better control methods.

Our training courses are designed to address these issues.  Train your staff and reap the benefits through more reliable equipment and lower power consumption.  Training is an investment in creating an efficient and effective organisation.  Stop wasting so much money on your pumps.

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